Man arrested for slashing 3 at Broken Hope concert in Texas

Posted on November 21, 2013


Broken Hope "Omen of Disease"

Broken Hope “Omen of Disease”

By Rachael Mattice

The alleged attacker who slit a fellow concert attendee’s throat with a box cutter at a Broken Hope show in El Paso, Texas earlier this week was arrested Wednesday night, and more victims were injured than originally reported.

Jesus Ortega, 30, of El Paso, is currently being held at the El Paso County jail on bonds in excess of $150,000, according to KTRK-TV Houston. Ortega is being charged with two counts of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon.

At the time of the initial report on Broken Hope’s Facebook and Twitter pages, the band was only aware of one victim cut in the throat. Further reports from KTRK-TV and Metal Injection state Ortega attacked three people ages 24, 35 and 39, suffering cuts to the head, neck and chest.

All three victims were taken to the hospital for treatment. The injuries are not considered to be life threatening.

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Broken Hope guitarist Jeremy Wagner gave a new statement on the incident to Metal Insider:

“I have learned that during our set, that there were a few victims who were cut by the same assailant (wielding a box cutter). One victim was cut across his throat. Thankfully–by some miracle–paramedics arrived within minutes and tended to the victims wound and saved his life. The assailant was subdued and arrested by the police. Crazy s***, guys. I’m glad the victims are going to survive.”

According to Metal Injection, Broken Hope’s tour mates Deicide kicked the band off the tour for the remaining dates.

In response to the termination, Wagner also posted a detailed message on his Facebook page in relation to Deicide frontman Glen Benton:

“El Paso… first a maniac wielding a box cutter cuts 3 fans at our concert—one ear-to-ear (thankfully all the victims are going to recover), then we learned that Glen Benton is kicking us off the ‘No Salvation Tour’. It was a helluva night.”

“Since we started this tour, we’ve had to endure Glen Benton’s constant b******* and ultimatums. He was always trying to snip our balls and demanded that we couldn’t use our fog machines and on some nights, we couldn’t use our backdrops or other production elements because he had issues with all of it. With respect to the headliner, we abided. Moreover, in efforts of friendship, good tour vibes, and because we’re simply cool f****** guys, we let Glen Benton and his band use OUR BACKLINE because they didn’t want to bring all their gear on tour!”

“Specifically, we let the headliner use our cabinets and Glen Benton used our entire bass rig—head and cabinet—since his own bass head failed him early on. While we were generous with our backline, not once did Benton thank us, offer us a dime, or even lift a finger to help move anything—and he f***** up our bass head numerous times with his resetting the EQ, etc., despite us politely asking him NOT to mess with the bass tone we dialed in. Gee, with all the money and free gear Benton brags about to us daily, you’d think he’d do something about getting his own rig.”

“Things got ugly in El Paso when, after we learned Benton had lost our bass rig cables and once again f***** with our bass head, so, we put our foot down and told him he couldn’t use the head anymore. Note: we still allowed Benton to use our cabinets for their show.”

“That said, Benton threw an EPIC hissy-fit and immediately kicked us off the tour! He booted Broken Hope from the tour simply because we refused to let him use our bass head! Now, even though that lame reason is what Benton used to get rid of us, I believe there’s more to the story here. During this entire tour Benton has given BH and our crew nothing but a s***** attitude and has tried to sabotage our production every day for no good reason. Though Benton blocked us from using our fog machines, he couldn’t stop us from using our professional soundman, nor stop us from giving concertgoers an amazing and high-powered show. The fact remains—as all our show attendees have seen—we f****** handed Glen Benton his ass every night of the tour and he couldn’t keep up. Benton and his caravan of mini-van drivers couldn’t touch our live show—even on our worst night.”

“Benton sent Shaun Glass a text last night, threatening to break his jaw if Shaun badmouthed Benton. Well, I’m calling Benton out right now because his b******* is old, fake, and he ain’t scaring anyone. Glen Benton is a lazy, jealous, jaded, ungrateful, unprofessional, egomaniacal bully. He menaces everyone from bands and fans, to promoters and booking agents. How he maintains a career is beyond me. And this time, he f***** with the wrong band. Karma is a b****, Benton.”

“On behalf of Broken Hope, I’m sorry to the fans who won’t see our performances in Dallas and Austin. You all know it’s not our fault … We’d give you all a free show if we could. Thank you all for the support, for coming to our shows, for all the love you’ve given our ‘Omen of Disease’ album, and for understanding the b******* and temper tantrums we’ve had to put up with on this tour.”

Mattice is a producer and music journalist for the Journal & Courier. She can be reached at or on Twitter @RachaelM_JC. 

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