Rock It: What’s new with Greater Lafayette-linked musicians

Posted on November 14, 2013


Rock It: What’s new with Greater Lafayette-linked musicians

By: Rachael Mattice

The era of instant updates on social media makes it extremely convenient for any technologically savvy
music fiend to stay up to speed on their favorite musicians.

And although you could Google international groups or search for links to articles using hashtags, there is no Lafayette musician alumni newsletter (aside from personal Facebook pages) to stay on point with their latest news.

Here are a few quick updates from some musicians with connections to Greater Lafayette.

Kink Ador

Sharon Koltick of Kink Ador, based in Nashville, Tenn., released a video of the band’s cover of Depeche
Mode’s “Just Can’t Get Enough” on Aug. 15.

“I love Depeche Mode – they have the ability to write really tight and structured songs and then put them onto their own framework of electronic music,” said Koltick, bassist and vocalist for Kink Ador.

“I love the grooves and the energy and those are things that have always been in the vocabulary of Kink Ador’s music.”

Kink Ador is currently in the studio finishing up its full-length album. Koltick also said that releasing the
single is a way for her to stay connected during the long process of recording.


Purdue alumnus and former Theophagy and Necrocide drummer Remington Roberts’ new Chicago-based, female-fronted metal band Genotype also released a music video, for their song “Blight,” on Aug. 12.

“The song ‘Blight’ is a love story between two people,” Roberts said.

“The clean vocals represent one person loving another so much it drives them crazy, while the screamed vocals represent the second person retaliating and demanding the affection to be proven,” he said. “The heavy breakdown in the song represents everything and everyone trying to keep them apart.”

“The two different vocal styles really give a dynamic to the song being soft on one side and distraught on the other.”

With the video, filmed at an abandoned industrial lot in Rockford, Ill., Robert said Genotype wanted the
audience to grasp the hopelessness of being trapped while coming out of the rubble strong, bringing an
intense and powerful emotional response for fans, something people really need.

Shiny Penny

Remember the young band from Kokomo that played at this year’s Taste of Tippecanoe? The four-piece rock band moves further up to the roster of Rockstar Energy Drink’s Uproar Festival on Friday at Klipsch Music Center in Noblesville.

“We landed the gig by winning … one of the many Ernie Ball Battle of the Bands contests online and
competed with all of the rest of the Indiana bands that also entered,” said vocalist Dean Schimmelpfennig.

The anti-boondogglers will perform on the Zippo Encore stage, sponsored by Ernie Ball, at 2:30 p.m. The doors for the national touring festival open at 2 p.m.

Dark Star Disco

The electro-post rock (also known as shoegaze) group based in Seoul, South Korea gained a third member and rhythmist, Purdue alum and former Theophagy bassist Dan DuGard, who is transitioning from metal to

DuGard posted the release of Dark Star Disco’s “The Return” on Saturday. The track is a “beat-driven, throbbing electro-rock statement of intent with a groovy, hypnotic video to match,” he said.

“One thing that makes us a little different is all our recordings are done live and in a single take,” DuGard said.

“Every sound you hear is done simultaneously and is perfectly played during shows. We jam a little during shows as well – we don’t simply mimic our recordings.”

According to DuGard, the move from metal to electronic dance music isn’t necessarily as drastic as it may
appear, as both genres are very primal and evoke the same sort of cathartic responses from their audiences.

“I’ve always thought that metal heads could make some of the best DJs for this reason – Bassnectar being a prime example. It is important to draw inspiration from all genres, though,” DuGard said. “All three of us listen to music religiously and could not boil down our influences to a single genre. We all arrived at making EDM from different paths.”

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