Rock It: Labels give bands the potential to excel

Posted on November 13, 2013


Labels give bands the potential to excel

By: Rachael Mattice

The Very End and Whispers of Wonder are two bands drastically different in age, geographic location and musical style, but they share a common denominator – they have the potential to excel in the heavy music realm and they have the right record labels behind them to prove it.

Forged in the German Ruhr area, The Very End, with their hybrid of ’80s thrash and death metal, raised the bar for a rattling sophomore album from Steamhammer/SPV. “Turn off the World” was released Tuesday in North America, precisely executed in both German and English.

Recommended songs include “Dreadnought,” in which the classic thrash sound endures. It doesn’t have much modern yelling, but vocalist Björn Gooßes gives a Testament- and Anthrax-style vibrato. “Gravity” also tantalizes with speedy drumming that gets the listener hooked from the first few measures.

LG Petrov of Entombed contributed as a vocalist for the death metal-oriented “The Black Fix.”

“Being fans of old-school metal, LG is one of our heroes whom we are proud to present on this album,” Gooßes said.

Many fans might find “Iron Sky” relatable, he added.

“Every one of us has experienced some kind of limits, boundaries, fences and wires. … We’re in this together, in the same sinking boat, but there is no reason to give up.”

Steamhammer/SPV’s help with production processes and marketing will help The Very End achieve prominence.

My less favorite of the two is teen “melodic wondercore” band Whispers of Wonder, hailing from Portland, Ore. Surprisingly skilled, the quartet – which sounds a little like Saosin and Bullet for My Valentine released “The First Year” six track EP on Tuesday as well.

Picked up by respected metal label Standby Records, the “emo” band actually has an impressive first EP. Although I do not agree with AOL’s claim that it sounds similar to Avenged Sevenfold, and the band’s dexterity is not advanced, the band is developed enough for listeners to enjoy their skill.

Standby Records assisted their recording to make a beefy and attractive metal album, minus the teen wailing. With the professionalism and thoroughness, Whispers will gather a youthful following and develop what they have already conquered in their writing.

The Very End’s “Turn off the World” and the rest of their discography can be purchased on Amazon. Whispers of Wonder has a bundle package available with an exclusive T-shirt along with the EP. Follow both bands on Twitter or Facebook for tour updates.

Mattice is a producer and music journalist for the Journal and Courier. She can be reached on Twitter @RachaelM_JC. 

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