Rachael Mattice’s Best of 2011

Posted on January 8, 2012



BEST METAL MEMORY: Unlike MetalTalk.net’s Tina who can say she gambled with Opeth in Vegas (I hope they bought her drinks), or in 2009 when I literally ran into Rob Zombie during Thunderkiss ’65 when my friend spilled her beer in my eyes, nothing real extraordinary happened for me in 2011.

GIG: Rammstein’s North American Tour after ten-year absence

ALBUM: The Koffin Kats ’12 Step Rebels – From Our Hands To Yours’

NEW BAND: Lorenguard

VIDEO: Abysmal Dawn ‘My Own Savior’

SINGLE: Gojira ‘Of Blood And Salt’

2011 was a rough year for some Heavy Metal bands and artists. A lot of what I encountered I really did not like, and it was especially hard for me to pick out the Metal musings that changed my world and inspired me. Fret not, there is so much talent in the industry, it is easier to pick out the ‘Best Of’ instead of the ‘Worst Of’.

Yes, people can say the reunion of BLACK SABBATH on 11/11/11 was phenomenal, or witnessing ALICE COOPER’s own maze of fright called ‘Welcome To My Nightmare’ at Hollywood Horror nights was high in the books; or reckon that the Metal trophy should be won by the savage Wall Of Death led by White Chapel at Summer Slaughter 2011 in San Diego, CA, when two people were carried out by their arms and legs with blood spewing from their heads – phew! – but nothing has beaten RAMMSTEIN’s hanging babies…

Black Sabbath

RAMMSTEIN must have been astounded by the amount of fanbase they had in the United States, and the tickets they sold for this tour because they are doing another tour in May 2012. But in order for that popularity to be there, they had to bring forth the sickest show they could think of in 2011.

The band’s detail and creativity was beyond comprehension for the 2011 tour, but the most Metal and controversial add-in I saw was when they hung naked baby dolls from their necks from the rafters of the arena for ‘Wiener Blut’ from ‘Liebe ist fur alle da’. The silent stir from the audience made my eyes widen with admiration that they had the balls to represent something as dark as the twenty-four-year captivation story of Elisabeth Fritzl.

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