Lorenguard: ‘Eve of Corruption’ The Days of Astasia Part 1 – The Valiant Knight Overture’

Posted on January 8, 2012



BY: Rachael Mattice

A photo can have a thousand meanings, a poem evokes re-examination for new interpretations and films are visual motion-driven manifestations of story art. Therein, music can be strictly devised for the same purpose of guiding a listener into a specific realm of fantasy, leaving open ends for the expansion of individual value and sentiment. The newest edition to story-generated music is Metal band Lorenguard, who released their debut album ‘Eve of Corruption: The Days of Astasia, Part 1’ on November 29, 2011.

Compiling the chapters for the past seven years, the Indianapolis, IN. based septet formed an alliance based on the literary concoctions of drummer, Brady Sadler. Titled ‘Eve of Corruption’, the novel is based on the series ‘The Days Of Astasia’ that defines the tales of Lorenguard, a legion of knights.

Bred and meshed together for the exploration of Metal and the depths of ageless imagination, Lorenguard exists for the listener’s abstract audio addition to literature. As reported by Lorenguard, the biographical sound of the band’s music has roots most obviously taken from Metal and rock, with clean piano measures demonstrating classical elements, and finally film score. The sound is devised to replicate the mythical adventures of ‘chaos and beauty’ into musical form.According to the Lorenguard website, the album and novel is set in the conflicted world of Athland, where the balance of power that was once maintained by the long-dormant archangels begins to wane. The inhabitants of Athland, including the valiant knights of Lorenguard and victims of the Burning One’s evil dominion, are thrust into a struggle against uncertain foes.

Reflecting the personalities of the band members, the seven heroes of Lorenguard unite in this dark era and test their will power to the temptations of corruption. The tracks from Lorenguard’s album chronologically illuminate the league of characters and take you on the journey they face to protect the people of the divided land from destructive forces.

The order includes-Chris Cruz on guitar as the wanderer, Anathu; Alec Biccum playing keyboards as the servant of the Spire AnerithZathon; David Schneider on the second guitar as Prince Cedric Galvian, the heir to the fallen kingdom; Robb Graves performing lead vocals as the Illustrious Jaryd Fawn’ Adam Sadler on bass as Sebastian Belrouse, the young priest; drummer Brady Sadler as the runaway thief RalkenBelrouse; and Raleigh Barrett performing narrations and vocals as the immortal champion, Skahgerok.

Starting out the album is the song ‘Eve of Corruption’ that truly sounds like an epic warrior overture with ascending dominance. The album titled track can set the tone and talent for the entirety of collection, which can turn away listeners immediately or intrigue them to push on. Even though the vocals do not seem to hold the same strength as the rest of the tracks, anyone will be impressed with the skill and creativity this song captivates as a theme song that must be catchy.

‘Upon the Burning Isles’ is next behind the curtain that takes you into the circles of Inferno, illustrating the malignant war that the Burning One cast upon the people of Athland. Two f’s, ferocious and fervent, is the best way to describe this tale of destruction. The allegro sounding speed, deep narratives and growls, the pounding double bass pedals and thrash metaldrum verses, in addition to the foreboding lyrics, will be a fan favorite.

The song ‘Greenstone’ is epitome of internal conflict and brooding changes an individual battles throughout the changes in life. Lyrically relatable for a vast audience, the instrumental breakdown starting at three minutes and twenty seconds is the most impressive segment, starting off with a guitar solo that keeps a constant technically advanced rate for over a minute.

Pausing for a second of classical renditions, ‘Secrets Of The Spire’ and ‘Embrace’ start differently than the other tracks with only clean piano. Being at the heart of most composition that several other instruments lead off of, the framework of piano writing from Biccum is beautiful, majestic, and utterly flawless. However, ‘Secrets of the Spire’, with three separate sub-tracks, is ruined from Graves’ attempts at high range vocals that comes out off key and sounds like banshee screeching. Of course it would serve a purpose blasting from your car when causing ruckus in a neighborhood where you despised everyone.

‘Embrace’ is an example of one track that has guest female vocals by Amanda Wells that is answered by Graves. This is definitely an example of vulnerability and courage for both artists since the instrumentals are hushed dramatically to showcase their voices. The whole-hearted lyrics of love and overcoming obstacles are masterful.

Another powerful reflective song demonstrating temptations of evil is ‘Dragonsbane.’ Having both capabilities of causing blood shed at a live show in the pits or connectivity of bodies in a sexual manner, the tempo change, every instrumental highlight, and vocal experimentation is perfect for what Lorenguard was trying to accomplish for this song.

No matter what songs the listener favors, Lorenguard will also gain a bigger fan base from the process of production. All music and lyrics were created by Lorenguard, and mastered and mixed by several private professionals and a few of the band members including Chris Cruz and Brady Sadler.

The album is not signed to a record label and can only be purchased from the band website at http://www.lorenguard.com, CD Baby, Amazon, ITunes, and other online retailers. Raw talent that has not been tampered with by label bureaucracy seems to gain more credibility and respect.

The total principle of this album was established successfully with little room for losing interest. Whether it created demonic battles across fiery fortresseswith smells of burning flesh, or long on-foot travels through mountains in middle earth, or a collaboration of Zelda and the Lord of the Rings with urges of sword play and powers of levitation, ‘Eve of Corruption’ will formulate a fantasy through musicianship and album art in any mind.

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